Jorge Masvidal: ‘I’m gonna f**king murder Colby Covington in the cage, legally’

While appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience, Jorge Masvidal fired back at Colby Covington who he is accused of assaulting in March 2022.

“I didn’t get him that time (UFC 272), but I promise you, Before my career’s over, I’m gonna f**king murder Colby in the cage, legally,” Masvidal told Rogan. “Allegedly, a lot of things happened. I don’t know, they’re saying a lot of things, but it’s all allegedly. Sh*t, man, I don’t know what they’re talking about, man. But legally, in the cage, in the UFC, I’m gonna f**king snatch his soul one way or another.”

Masvidal and Covington already fought once, where Covington secured the unanimous decision victory. But just days later Masvidal sucker punched Covington on the streets of Miami.

“I wanted to f**king kill him, I wanted to hurt him,” said Masvidal. “It just wasn’t the best version of me. In this sport, it’s what I love about it, what happened happened, and everything else is bullsh*t. So, until we fight again nobody will get to see that better version of me. But I promise you, before I close this chapter in my life in MMA, I will have competed against this guy and I’m gonna f**king take his soul.