Jorge Masvidal has harsh words for ‘borderline vegetable’ Nate Diaz

UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal did not hold back when talking about former opponent Nate Diaz, describing Diaz as a ‘borderline vegetable.’

Masvidal defeated Diaz in the highly publicized UFC 244 main event for the symbolic “BMF title” in November 2019. Diaz fought out his UFC contract and left the fight promotion with a win over former interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson at UFC 279 last month.

“That’s good for him to leave the big leagues before he gets like serious brain damage. I think the guys like borderline vegetable, you know? His interviews, his spunkness, his wittiness, and sharpness has gone to like shit. You have to wait for him. The pause has gotten longer. You used to ask him a question and it would be like a two second pause. It’s like a thirty second pause now.” Jorge Masvidal told MMAFighting.  

“It’s good for him. He shouldn’t be in the big leagues man. He’s going to get hurt man. Take that old-ass dude somewhere else. Plus, I almost killed his ass and the referee saved him, you know? So I don’t really like him too much.”

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