by Mitch Gobetz – MMAWeekly.com

            Jorge Gurgel returned to his winning form at Ultimate Fighting Championship 82 defeating John Halverson by unanimous decision.   Gurgel has had his ups and downs in the UFC, especially in his last performance against Alvin Robinson at UFC 77, where Gurgel was controlled throughout the majority of the fight.   However, Gurgel who is widely known for his relentless work ethic, turned the tide and had a very decisive win over Halverson, proving that he belongs in the UFC’s stacked lightweight division.

            Gurgel controlled the majority of the fight with effective striking and grappling.   At one point in the second round, Gurgel was close to a stoppage, however his tough opponent held strong.  

            Even though Gurgel won the fight, he believes that there is always room for improvement and that he didn’t perform up to his ability.   “My game plan is to go in there and beat your ass.,” commented Gurgel.   “I know that I made mistakes on the ground.   The thing that makes me the most upset about the whole fight was not the performance, not the decision, but I missed the armbar.   He escaped.   I don’t know how.”

            Most fighters after a fight take some time off to recuperate and relax.   However, Jorge Gurgel is not most fighters.     “I got in the gym as soon as I got back.   Right now I feel like I wanna fight again as soon as possible.”   Gurgel’s work ethic and vast knowledge of jiu-jitsu is perhaps what makes him one of the most respected trainers and fighters in mixed martial arts.   

            As much as Gurgel prepares and as much success as he may have, he insists that it’s time for a change.   He will not neglect his current team, but he does want to try to improve on some of his skills with world renowned trainer Mark DellaGrotte at Sityodtong.   “I think I need a change,” explained Gurgel.   “I’m not performing to my ability.   I don’t know what I need to fix, but I need to fix it.   I’m going to go away and fix different things.   I should have finished the fight.   Period.”

            One disappointing part of Jorge Gurgel’s night was that one of his star pupils, Dustin Hazelett, suffered a loss to Ultimate Fighter 1 alumni, Josh Koscheck.   “It does not complete the night for me.   My night was definitely not complete.   Dustin lost.   I train him every day and he’s a good listener.   I tell him always my opinion.   You fought like a man.   People get down on themselves.   In a week or a few days, he’ll be back on his horse.” said the Cincinnati native.

            Anderson Silva, the only man to defeat Rich Franklin twice, took out Dan Henderson to solidify his spot as the number one middleweight in the world.   Gurgel was impressed and said as much.   “The guy is a great fighter.   Anderson Silva, right now is his time…   He sees everything…   He definitely is dominating everybody in his weight class extremely easy… he is the most impressive fighter at this time.”

            Speaking of Rich Franklin, he will be making his return the Octagon on April 19 th against another Anderson Silva victim- Travis Lutter.   Gurgel provided some insight on Rich Franklin’s training.   “Rich is and always will be 110% ready.   Physically he got the eye of the tiger look in his face again.   He’s got a good game plan for Travis Lutter.   I’m a Rich Franklin fan.   He’s gonna come blazing.”

            With his training and fighting career, one thing is sure about Jorge Gurgel.   He will continue to be one the busiest men in mixed martial arts.