by MMAWeekly Radio & Jeff Cain
MMAWeekly has learned that Jorge Gurgel will not be competing on “The Ultimate Fighter” season two finale. Gurgel set the stage for how he’d be portrayed on season two of the Spike TV original series in the first episode declaring, “Nobody pisses on my bed;” a reference to the infamous season one Chris Leben “spritz” incident.

Jorge Gurgel went into “The Ultimate Fighter” with a torn ACL. His knee problems were chronicled on the show. In week two Jorge had his knee drained, and was advised that he would be risking serious injury if he continued to compete on the show. He responded, “I don’t care if I have to have a knee replacement later. I’m not getting out of that house until somebody beats me in a fight.” Jorge emerged as one of the stars of the show, but was eliminated in episode six by Jason Von Flue, who replaced the injured Josh Burkman in week three.

When Gurgel last spoke with MMAWeekly, he said, “Going into the show I completely tore my ACL. I knew I had no stability, but I still believed I could beat everybody in that show with one knee. And I went in with that attitude. I’m a professional, and I was not going to skip on the opportunity to show my skills even though I was very injured.”

Since his departure from The Ultimate Fighter house Gurgel has had his ACL replaced from a cadaver and a full meniscus repair. He was hopeful that he’d be able to compete in the season finale live on Spike TV, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

MMAWeekly recently spoke with Gurgel’s manager, Monte Cox, and Cox told MMAWeekly, “He’s still messed up. He won’t be fighting in the year end show. He can’t straighten his leg yet. He had everything done. It was all gone. There was no ACL. There was no MCL. There was nothing. He had the cadaver surgery and stuff, and he still can’t straighten his leg, so we’re looking at next year sometime.”

Discussing the loss to Jason Von Flue, Monte commented, “Jorge had no ACL. He had nothing in his knee going into the fight. Jorge is a really powerful kicker and one of the harder kickers I’ve ever managed. And he couldn’t even kick. He had a hard time getting under the jab and stuff like that. He said the thing was he had no mobility. He can’t go side to side. I mean you got to see Jorge basically just out there with heart, but he didn’t look near as good as he has in his other fights.”

Less than a month ago Jorge remained optimistic telling MMAWeekly, “I’m sure if I’m not able to fight in the finale…I’ll fight the next one, or the January card, or some other time. I feel like a winner already because before the show even aired, percentage wise, I was the favorite, and I felt a lot of love from the fans…People want to see me fight, and that’s all that matters to me.”

If heart, confidence, and desire made the body heal quicker Jorge would be competing in the season finale, but the body heals at it’s own pace. Mixed Martial Arts fans will have to wait until that healing process has run it’s course, but there’s not doubt in my mind that Gurgel will be back. He didn’t pass up on one of the top business schools in Brazil to move to America with dreams of making it in the UFC for nothing. He hasn’t worked on his skills day in and day out, joined an MMA reality show with a serious injury to not showcase his skills in the premier promotion of MMA in the United States.

100% healthy Jorge Gurgel is a dangerous man. He just wants the opportunity to prove it. They say time heals all wounds. Jorge Gurgel just needs a little more time.