Jordan Dowdy bringing the best version of himself to Shamrock FC 316 main event

March 14, 2019

Following a 4-4 start to his career, welterweight Jordan Dowdy knew he had to step things up in 2018 and begin to get his record past .500 if he was going to make any headway in his career. Fortunately he was able to do just that with back-to-back wins last year.

First against Eddie Larrea at Shamrock FC in January, and then versus Jeff Crotty in April at Bellator, Dowdy was able to pick up first round finishes and get himself back on a positive path.

“In January that one was kind of short notice, but I needed a fight, and that one went my way,” Dowdy told “Then the one in April was just perfect; camp, diet, everything came together and it was great. It was almost like I was auto-pilot. It was a great experience.

“There are some mistakes I made early on in my career. I had some things that didn’t go my way, but that’s how fighting goes. I was there with an even record, and I wasn’t doing myself any favors, so I really had to sure up a couple of things that were going on.”

With the changes he’s made, Dowdy feels like he’s hitting the sweet spot between physical skills and experience to begin to showcase the kind of fighter he can be.

“I know for a fact compared to who I was last year that I’m completely upgraded,” said Dowdy. “In my strength, in my capacity for my conditioning, in my Jiu-Jitsu and in my striking I’m in my prime.

“I think that comes with being in your early 30’s, because that’s whenever your athletic peak couples with your experience. I think I’m in that good goldilocks zone where everything is coming together. So now is the time to make this run and do what I can with the competition window that’s in front of me.”

At Shamrock FC 316 on March 15 in St. Louis, Missouri, Dowdy (6-4) will look to continue to raise his record when he takes on Ben Brewer (11-6) a middleweight main event.

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“(Brewer) hasn’t fought in two years, and a lot of people have asked me if I believe in ring rust, and I don’t,” Dowdy said. “I’m never going to bank on anything like that. He looks tough. He looks durable. I respect the guy.

“I’m going to expect the best version of Ben Brewer that’s ever been, because I’m bringing the best version of myself that’s ever been. I don’t want to expect anything less from my opponent. I think if you don’t give them that respect, you’re setting yourself up for failure.”

Having stumbled earlier in his career trying to move too far too fast, Dowdy is looking to take things one step at a time going forward in 2019.

“Right now I’m going to go fight by fight,” said Dowdy. “The goal right now is to get 10 wins, and once I get there it will be time to move up and move on and see what’s out there. But if any opportunity came by that caught my eye, I’m up for the challenge.

“I’m not going to put a rigid format to it. I’m going to take the hand that’s dealt to me. I’m going to do what I can; work my ass off, show up, win everything I can, and whenever I’ve earned those opportunities they will come my way.”