Jon Jones’s Pre-UFC 232 VADA Drug Test Indicates Residual Steroid Metabolite

January 23, 2019

Though Jon Jones had two UFC 232 fight night drug tests produce no positive results for any banned substances, his weigh-in day Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency test showed trace amounts of the steroid metabolite for which he has been immersed in a cloud of controversy.

For detractors, it only serves to darken the cloud hanging over Jones. For those that believe the scientific explanation, these latest results that show trace amounts of the metabolite for Oral Turinabol (DHMCT) serve to prove a rare pulsing effect is occurring.

Upon moving UFC 232 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, UFC officials explained that residual amounts of the metabolite had been found in some of Jones’s drug tests, while other tests showed no positive results. In consulting with scientific experts, the UFC and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency concluded that there had been no new ingestions of the banned substance by Jones, but that this was a rare lingering effect that has occurred in other individuals.

Following UFC 232, Jones touted the fact that he had produced clean results in two fight night drug tests.

“Finished my so-called kryptonite before the championship rounds. Absolutely no jet fuel was found on the murder scene; Alexander Gustafsson, just wanted to make sure you saw this. Seemed like that was the only thing you could focus on in our last fight,” Jones said in an Instagram post.

“Interested to hear the excuses of my next few victims. Only 51 more days to go, will you be a witness?”

The new development, which shows 33 picograms of the metabolite in Jones’s weigh-in day VADA test, will surely stoke the flames of controversy, but California State Athletic Commission executive director Andy Foster told on Wednesday that Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory (SMRTL) lab director Dr. Daniel Eichner assured him this was not a new ingestion of a banned substance. MMAFighting first broke the news.

“The lab director said it’s not a new administration.  It’s the same marker,” Foster said. 

SMRTL is the lab that processed the VADA drug test.

As such, the CSAC does not see any reason to pursue any further punishment for Jones, who was already determined by a third-party arbitrator to have likely ingested a contaminated supplement which caused the initial positive drug test result in July 2017. 

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“We are not pursuing a case (Jones) was already punished for,” added Foster.

Jones still has to go before the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Tuesday, Jan. 29, for that commission to determine whether or not it will license him for a UFC 235 headlining bout opposite Anthony Smith. That bout is scheduled for March 2 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Jones defeated Alexander Gustafsson in the UFC 232 main event, recapturing the light heavyweight title.