Jon Jones Torches ‘Envious Little Bastard’ Tyson Griffin in Ongoing War of Words

April 10, 2018

Jon Jones doesn’t use social media all that often, but he sure loves to unleash on former UFC athlete Tyson Griffin whenever his name is mentioned on Twitter.

The beef between Jones and Griffin goes back several years when the former UFC light heavyweight champion was being called out by Daniel Cormier. Griffin and Cormier were teammates and he injected himself into the conversation, which involved some nasty back and forth with Jones back in 2014.

Now the disdain shared between the fighters has been reignited after Griffin made a remark about Conor McGregor’s rampage through the Barclays Center last week that ended with him being arrested while facing several assault charges.

Jones quickly fired back at Griffin but that didn’t put an end to this latest war of words.

Instead, Griffin released a lengthy text message he received from Jones two years ago where the former UFC champ touted his wealth — reportedly at $8 million — and ended the conversation by asking why the veteran lightweight competitor was trying so desperately to get his attention.

Well that private message being released sent Jones on a tirade that ended with the longest reigning light heavyweight champion in UFC history claiming he ‘verbally body bagged’ Griffin in the exchange.

Obviously it doesn’t appear that Jones and Griffin are looking to settle this beef any time soon, especially considering their interactions stretch all the way back to 2014.