by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com

UFC light heavyweight contender Jon Jones thinks James Toney is “ignorant” when it comes to his analysis of mixed martial arts and his theory about the effectiveness of a fighter solely versed in boxing entering a combat sport composed of many more variables.


“I respect James Toney for what he’s done in boxing, but I think he’s just ignorant in a way kind of. Not to disrespect him,” Jones told MMAWeekly content partner TapouT Radio.


It’s understandable that Toney, who has spent his life dedicated to the “sweet science” to believe that his boxing will overcome MMA techniques, but it’s not probable.


“I have boxing friends. I’m good friends with Willie Monroe Jr., who is a collegiate boxer and he’s really good. He always tells me, ‘If I were to fight one of you wrestlers, once you came in for my leg I’d take a few steps back and catch you with an uppercut and left hook you when your head comes up.’ I’m like, really?” said Jones.


“You really think you’re going to uppercut a collegiate wrestler when he’s really going full-force into a double leg? I just think it’s really naïve to think that with hand combinations alone he’s going to be able to defend takedowns from the clinch and collegiate double-leg guys,” he explained.


“I just think he’s ignorant in a way. And I don’t really have a hard time calling him ignorant because of some of the statements that he’s made about our sport.”


Jones lets his friend believe his theory about uppercuts and hooks being able to defend takedowns, but believes James Toney is going to prove that theory wrong in the lab setting of the Octagon against Randy Couture at UFC 118 on Aug. 28 in Boston.