Jon Jones Says All He Wants for His Legacy is to be Remembered as a ‘Bad Mother [Expletive]’

December 21, 2018

It’s rather easy to make an argument that Jon Jones is already the greatest fighter of all time.

With a resume that’s littered with former UFC champions and future Hall of Famers, Jones has run roughshod over the majority of opposition he’s faced during his career. He’s only been pushed the brink once in 24 professional fights and that was his 2013 bout against Alexander Gustafsson.

Outside of that, Jones has only lost a handful of rounds over the past decade plus that he’s been fighting while simultaneously racking up eight straight title defenses — the most in light heavyweight history — and he’s basically gone undefeated (the one blemish on his record is a disqualification in a fight where he was mauling Matt Hamill, but finished the bout with illegal elbow strikes).

All of that adds up to an eye popping list of accolades, but still Jones isn’t all that interested in his status as the greatest of all time or even the pound-for-pound best fighter on the planet.

Instead, when asked how he wants to be remembered when his career is finished, Jones only cares about two particular words to describe him.  

“Just being a bad mother—-er at the end of the day,” Jones answered on the UFC 232 media conference call. “Just a bad dude.

“Am I perfect? No. Am I a Christian who swears? Yes. Do I love God? Yes. Do I love my family? Yes. Am I a bad mother—-er in that ring? Yes. That’s it.”

Jon Jones - UFC 197It’s that particular attitude that Jones is carrying with him into his rematch with Gustafsson at UFC 232.

Rather than trying to play the role model while making a multitude of mistakes outside the cage, Jones is just going to be himself and that’s arguably the most dominant fighter in all of mixed martial arts.

“One thing I realized being a champion, you don’t have to wear a suit everyday. You don’t have to be politically correct and all the kids look up to you because you’re such an angel,” Jones explained. “Who said that’s what a champion has to be?

“A champion is a guy who goes out there after being cut in the first round of your fight, being taken down for the first time ever, fighting with one eye shut through half the fight. A champion’s a guy who gets arm barred and freaking finishes Vitor Belfort, finishes the fight with one arm. That’s a champion to me. Just a bad mother—-er.”

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For years Jones tried to play a persona that he thought people wanted him to be but that never really worked for him.

Now he’s just going to be himself — love him or hate him — but Jones knows when it comes to his career, he’s undoubtedly earned that reputation.

“That’s what I want my legacy to be. Call me a good person, a bad person, call me a hypocrite, call me what you want, I’m a bad dude,” Jones said. “That’s what a champion is to me. The baddest dude with the biggest heart, the biggest balls and that’s me.”

UFC 232 Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson Media Call