Jon Jones releases first statement following domestic violence arrest

September 29, 2021

Jon Jones has broken his silence on his arrest which took place in Las Vegas, NV last week. The former UFC champion turned UFC Hall of Famer was taken into custody after headbutting a police car after they were arresting him for domestic violence against his fiance. 

The details of the arrest were released on Tuesday and they were disturbing, to say the least, but it didn’t stop Jones from posting a video on his Instagram story which just made things worse for himself. 

The video shows Jones lifting weights and promising not to drink again. There was no apology to the victim. 

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Any fans and media have criticized Jones for the video and statement which appears insensitive and lacking awareness of the timing. 

Details of the arrest were shocking and appear to allege that Jones assaulted his fiance in front of their children. She sought help getting back into their shared hotel room and had blood and visible injuries on her face, prompting the hotel to ask more questions. Reportedly one of his daughters asked for the front desk to call the police, which they did. 

Later, Jones resisted arrest and damaged a police car before being threatened with tasing. He complied thereafter.

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