Jon Jones says he is done with UFC belt; challenges Dana White to release him

June 1, 2020

The dust up between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and company president Dana White is quickly escalating. In his latest public comments, Jones said that he is done with the light heavyweight title and “revoking” the belt.

Jones and White have been engaged in a very public diatribe over the past few weeks after Jones tried to negotiate a move to heavyweight to fight Francis Ngannou.

The argument basically comes down to White making claims about how much money Jones wants for a move to fight at heavyweight and Jones claiming that White is lying about their negotiations.

White recently said that Jones wanted Deonte Wilder money, which is reportedly in the neighborhood of $30 million for his most recent fight and that he had text messages to prove it. Jones fired back, saying it was all lies.

“The reported asked Dana to show the text messages. Instead, he gives a 55-second response talking about ‘why would I lie,’ Jones Tweeted. 

Jones then went so far in his most recent comments to say that he was done with the light heavyweight division and giving up his belt. Jones indicated that he had plenty of other options to make money right now and no longer needed to fight. He also asked White to release him from his UFC contract.

“You’re talking all that big guy stuff about not caring, put your money where your mouth is and release me from that contract,” Jones wrote.

“(Dominick) Reyes vs Jan (Blachowicz) for the UFC light heavyweight championship of the world. As of right now, I got nothing to really gain fighting either of them. Let me know if you guys want to set up a day in 2021 for that Izzy fight. Hopefully you guys will be willing to pay by then,” he said, and then replied yes to someone asking if he was “revoking” the title.

“I hurt myself every time I walk out there and take a punch to the head and (do) not feel my pay is worth it anymore.”

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Dana White defends himself against Jon Jone’s claims against him

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