Jon Jones pleads guilty to DWI, agrees to house arrest and probation

Jon Jones on Tuesday pleaded guilty to Driving While Intoxication. The charge stems from a March 26 arrest in Albuquerque.

Jones was arrested at 1:01 a.m. after police responded to reports of gunshots and found him in the driver’s seat of his 2019 Jeep with the engine running and the vehicle in park. Jones denied firing a gun, but appeared intoxicated to officers.

The 32-year-old failed a field sobriety test. Later, Jones took two breathalyzers and registered above the legal limit both times.

During a search of the vehicle, police found a black handgun under the driver’s seat and a bottle of Recuerdo (alcohol) behind the passenger seat. He was arrested and booked for aggravated driving while intoxicated, negligent use of a firearms, possession of an open container, and no proof of insurance.

Jones’s plea agreement requires him to serve four days of house arrest, complete 48 hours of community service, pay a $500 fine, complete a 90-day drug treatment outpatient program, install an ignition interlock device on any vehicle he operates, and serve one year of supervised probation.

As first reported by TMZ, the Bernalillo District Attorney’s office issued a statement confirming a plea deal with Jones and stated that any violations of the agreement will result in jail time.

“Jon Jones pleaded guilty to his second DWI. The incident happened on March 26, 2020 outside a downtown Albuquerque nightclub, just two months after his probation ended following an incident at an Albuquerque strip club. Jones took responsibility for his actions early on in the case and in doing so the state agreed to 1 year supervised probation. Normally, the State would be requesting a pre-sentencing report and a recommendation to Substance Recovery Court. However, due to COVID-19, it is not clear the program can accept anyone at this time.

“It is also the reason that we are agreeing to the 4 days on CCP with 90 days for turn-in (the metropolitan jail just reported a new case of COVID-19). Jones is still required to complete a minimum of 90 day outpatient treatment, maximum fines and fees, community service, and all other requirements of reporting to probation. His attorney and Mr. Jones have been made aware that if he fails to do this, the State will seek to impose the balance of any jail time without regard for any exceptional circumstances.”