Jon Jones offers olive branch to Daniel Cormier: ‘Let bygones be bygones’

Former foes Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier might be in the Octagon together again … but they won’t be fighting.

Cormier, who has retired and begun acting as the cage-side color commentator and in-cage post-fight interviewer, could potentially call Jones’ return to the Octagon.

But Jones isn’t concerned that the beef they had with each other for years will carry over to the microphone.

“DC you are more than welcome to commentate at my fight, I think you are really good at what you do. I trust that you would be non-biased. All the best brother,” Jones tweeted. “Whoever wants to do it, totally cool with me,” Jones replied to a fan asking about the post-fight interview. “I feel like I’m in a whole new chapter of my life, let bygones be bygones.”

Jones and DC fought two times, and both times Jones won though one of those wins was overturned due to a failed USADA test. The pair have fought publicly for years including a wild face-off fight and several heated side-by-side interviews.