Jon Jones Not Looking For Hamill Rematch

UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones is not looking for revenge.

Since debuting in the UFC, Jones has done anything but slow down the momentum that he’s been riding since a signature win over one of the original “Ultimate Fighter Season One” cast member Stephan Bonnar.

Jones was undefeated until a bout opposite fellow wrestler Matt Hamill came to pass, ending in controversial fashion. Jon used illegal 12-to-6 elbow strikes, resulting in a disqualification and the first loss of his young professional career.

You’d think Jones would want to right a wrong, get a piece of his once undefeated career back, but he’s perfectly content with what has passed. It’s all just another experience for the young 22-year-old.

“I definitely wouldn’t want to have a rematch with Matt Hamill,” said the newly minted Greg Jackson fighter.

“I actually hung out with him a few weeks ago — well, several weeks ago. We were both down in Miami, taking care of some things for Dana (White). He’s just a great guy. He has a great personality, great heart.

“(The fight) was a great learning experience for me. It was the first fight that I was really relaxed, I was thinking the whole time, and it was the first time I was actually having fun instead of being nervous out there. It was just a great experience. Win or lose, it was a wonderful thing and I wouldn’t change what happened for the world.”