Jon Jones’ NFL Star Brother, Arthur Jones, Suspended for PEDs Violation

July 22, 2016

Interim UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was recently flagged for a potential UFC Anti-Doping Policy violation. On Friday, his brother, NFL star Arthur Jones, was suspended for violating that league’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs, according to NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport.

The reports on Arthur Jones, thus far, have not indicated the nature of his violation. He is a starting defensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts, but sat out the entire 2015-16 season due to an ankle injury, and now finds himself on the sidelines for four games due to the suspension.

Jon Jones UFC 197While Arthur Jones’ suspension has little direct correlation to Jon Jones’ case with the UFC and United States Anti-Doping Agency, it surely doesn’t cast any more of a bright light on Jon’s hopes of avoiding a lengthy suspension of his own. Being brothers, the two of them being in trouble for alleged performance-enhancing substance violations at the same time led to quick reactions.

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, whose UFC 200 main event rematch with Jones was cancelled due to the violation, was quick to comment on Friday, tweeting, “Wow! This is bad man!”

During a recent Nevada Athletic Commission meeting addressing Jon Jones’ case, Nevada Deputy Attorney General Caroline Bateman named Hydroxy Clomiphene (an anti-estrogenic agent) and Letrozole metabolite (an aromatase inhibitor) as the two substances he tested positive for in his June 16 out-of-competition drug screen.

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Jon Jones and his camp appear to be leaning towards a tainted supplement as the probably cause of the substances appearing in Jones’ sample, but have yet to make their case before the athletic commission, which will likely happen in September or October. He is, however, facing the possibility of a two-year suspension.

Jon Jones has been resolute in the aftermath of being pulled from UFC 200, recently tweeting, “Don’t write me off just yet, I know in my heart that I’m not a cheater,” before adding, “If anything, I’m a victim of my own ignorance, and yes, this could’ve been prevented.”

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