Jon Jones Knows Rashad Evans Could be a Tough Fight or Easiest of His Career

September 29, 2011

Jon Jones and Rashad Evans

The talking between champion Jon Jones and challenger Rashad Evans has already started to heat up and the fight hasn’t even been scheduled yet.

Following some recent comments by Evans about his former teammate, Jones responded when appearing on the Jim Rome Show.

Evans had stated that Jones believed he was “God’s gift” to MMA, to which Jones responded by stating that having faith in yourself is the only way to succeed.

“I think that’s the only way you can become something great is if you fake it until you make it, so I’m not really going to defend myself with him,” Jones told Rome.

Looking at the fight itself, for all the talk that Evans has made so far about having Jon Jones’ number, the UFC’s top light heavyweight believes that it’s a two-way street.

Jones has trained and seen Evans’ best moves in training the same way Evans says he’s seen Jones working in the gym. Jones knows that Evans is a tough test, but he also believes this could be the easiest fight of his career.

“I think Rashad could be either a really tough fight or simply the easiest fight in my career. I’m going to try to make it the easiest fight of my career,” Jones said.

“I don’t like Rashad and that’s going to motivate me. I have to work my butt off and just do everything necessary to make this fight look like the easiest fight of my career.”

Jones also feels he has an added advantage in his training camp. While in the past coach Greg Jackson had said he wouldn’t train Jon Jones to fight Rashad Evans, judging by the light heavyweight champion’s words on Tuesday, he will be working with him as they get ready for this pivotal showdown.

“I have a very good blueprint of what to do to beat him, and I’m very aware of the ways I could lose the fight as well,” Jones stated. “Rashad’s also insulting Greg Jackson and it’s not a very smart thing to do to insult the coaches that you had, that taught you MMA for six years.”

The talk between Jones and Evans will likely only get more and more intense as time goes on and once the fight gets scheduled.

Jones has said that he didn’t want to say much to Evans prior to the fight, but once the war of words starts it’s hard to get it to stop.