Jon Jones Isn’t Looking for Superfight, but He’s Not Afraid of Anderson Silva or Any Man

December 11, 2012

The subject of superfights have been coming up a lot lately, primarily due to UFC icon Anderson Silva looking for the biggest match-ups possible.

He had been targeting a showdown with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, but now that fight appears all but dead in the water with the Canadian likely to face Nick Diaz in his next trip to the Octagon.

So when Silva does return in 2013, he will either be fighting at middleweight or could he possibly move back up to 205 pounds for a challenge against light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in another potential superfight?

For months, both Jones and Silva downplayed the possible fight from ever happening, but as the pressure mounts, neither fighter has completely shot down the idea lately.

Jones says he’s not looking to fight Silva, but it’s no secret because as a fighter you want to face the best of the best, and Anderson Silva certainly defines greatness in MMA.

“I think superfights are important for the sport, important for legacies. A desire to compete in one, I really don’t have it because I don’t desire to compete against anyone in particular,” said Jones.

“Unless someone comes and challenges me, I’m fine going on my merry way and competing against these light heavyweights.”

Jones will next compete against fellow Ultimate Fighter coach Chael Sonnen in late April, and by then there may already be another challenger or two awaiting him at 205 pounds.

Still, the potential of a superfight against Anderson Silva can’t be ignored, and while Jones won’t go the route of calling for the bout to happen, he does say anything’s possible.

“Everything’s a possibility. I do believe that we’re put on this earth to think big and dream big, and not limiting ourselves, and fighting Anderson would be a definitely testament of my faith, and my warrior spirit,” said Jones.

“So who knows what will happen in the future.”

One thing is for sure though because, while Jones isn’t trying to call out Anderson Silva or tell the UFC that’s the fight that he wants, he’s not going to back down from the challenge and he’s not scared to face him in the Octagon.

As great as Anderson Silva is as a mixed martial artist, Jones doesn’t fear him, or anybody else for that matter.

“I’m totally not afraid of Anderson,” said Jones. “Not afraid of any man.”

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