Jon Jones Doping Hearing Finally Scheduled with California State Athletic Commission

February 14, 2018

Jon Jones is one step closer to finding out his fate from a positive drug test last July that cost him the UFC light heavyweight championship, his win over Daniel Cormier and it may end with a lengthy suspension from the sport.

Jones’ team had previously asked for a continuance this past December but now his hearing is set to take place on Feb. 27 at the next California commission meeting in Anaheim.

Now the California commission may hand down some sort of punishment for Jones, but that doesn’t mean it will be the only penalty he might face in this situation.

Jones still has to deal with USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency), who originally returned the positive drug test for the steroid Turinabol following his fight against Cormier last July.Jon Jones UFC 214 weigh

Because Jones previously tested positive for Clomiphene and Letrozol in 2015, which earned him a one year suspension from the sport, he could be facing up to a four year suspension due to the second infraction of the UFC’s anti-doping policy.

USADA officials declined comment when asked if there was any update on when a judgment might be rendered on Jones’ future.

The California commission will hold their own hearing regarding Jones and the punishment doesn’t necessarily have to match what USADA may decide later this year. Jones’ win over Cormier was already overturned to a no contest by the California commission.

Jones has maintained his innocence since the positive drug test was returned but there’s no telling when he will be eligible to return to action until after he goes through his hearing with California as well as the adjudication process with USADA.