Jon Jones Becoming Comfortable with his Role as UFC Champion

October 15, 2011

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones

Entering 2011, Jon Jones was a fast-rising up-and-comer with a lot of potential. Today, he’s the UFC light heavyweight champion and a household name.

Becoming famous is not easy. There are adjustments that have to be made. But at 24 years old, having won the belt seven months ago, Jones is starting to feel comfortable in the role of champ.

“I feel as if I’m starting to be able to handle it pretty well and balance it out pretty well,” said Jones about his new found fame at a UFC 140 kick-off press conference on Wednesday.

“When I joined this sport I always envisioned wanting to be the best and trying to be the champion. So, I just tried to learn to, like, carry myself in that type of light, as if it were already so, even before it happened. Now that I’m here, I kind of have this feeling that I’m right where I’m supposed to be and right where I’ve worked to be, so I feel comfortable with everything that is happening,” added the UFC light heavyweight champion.

It’s not hard to imagine the perks of being young with money and fame. Jones confirmed the recent reports of him purchasing a new Bentley, a car that often costs between one-quarter to one-half million dollars.

“There’s not really too many negatives that come a long with a dream coming true. It’s just an awesome road really,” he said.

Being world champion doesn’t just come with stacks of money, new cars, and all the room service you can order, it also comes with drawbacks. The spotlight is brighter and the criticisms are louder when you’re a public figure.

“The only negative that has happened is I need to be more careful with the words that I say because of the way I get scrutinized for any little thing that happens. That’s the only difference. That’s something I’m learning to deal with and handle even better in the future,” said Jones. “Outside of that, I’m a pretty happy guy.”

Jones made his professional mixed martial arts debut just over three years ago. Clearly, inside and outside of the Octagon, Jon Jones learns quick and adapts well.

Jones will face Lyoto Machida on Dec. 10 at UFC 140. It will be his second title defense.

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