Jon Jones asks UFC to be released, then deletes Twitter posts

Jon Jones doesn’t appear to be taking UFC president Dana White’s brash criticism all that well. Shortly after saying that he was trying to remain patient, awaiting a fight offer, Jones tweeted that he wanted the UFC to release him.

Having vacated the UFC light heavyweight title in August, Jones decided to pursue a run at the heavyweight championship. With White frequently saying that Jones would get a shot at the winner of the UFC 260 headliner between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou, it appeared the fight with Ngannou would be made after he won the belt on Saturday night.

Right after that fight, Jones tweeted, “Show me the money.” That triggered a response from White, basically questioning whether or not Jones really wanted to fight Ngannou, whom White classifies as “scary.” He even went so far as to say the fight to make for Ngannou was Derrick Lewis.

It was a bitter exchange that played out between Jones via Twitter and White via the UFC 260 press conference.

Though Jones was obviously upset with White’s comments, he tweeted on Sunday that he was trying to remain patient and see what the UFC had to offer.

“I am going to try to remain faithful. There’s still time for the UFC to do the right thing. I am supposed to be seeing a fight proposal next week. Fingers are crossed, this is an opportunity of a lifetime for everyone involved.”

Jon Jones tweets for the UFC to release him from his contract

Less than 24 hours later, Jones returned to the Twittersphere, where he unleashed a series of scathing comments that included asking for his release from the fight promotion. The tweets have since been deleted.

“Please just cut me already,” Jones wrote. But he wasn’t done there.

“You would rather have me around and treat me like s–t. I swear the UFC industry has been nothing but depressing for me. I feel like my wings are being clipped. Just f—ing let me go. What type of weird s–t is this, obviously the boss hates me. Let me take my business elsewhere,” he continued.

“I’m not trying to be great for other people anymore, I’m trying to be great for myself. There’s nothing great about being taken advantage of. You guys have no idea how insulted I feel.”

At this point, there is no telling where this situation is headed. Jones has had a rocky relationship with White for years. Just when their relationship appeared to be on the mend, the divide between Jones and White appears to be greater than ever.

Will they mend fences and get the biggest fight in UFC history done?

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