by Steven Marrocco – MMAWeekly.com
Representatives for UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones have asked the Nevada State Athletic Commission to reverse his disqualification against Matt Hamill at “The Ultimate Fighter” season 10 finale on Dec. 5 in Las Vegas.

Referee Steve Mazzagatti disqualified Jones in the card’s main event after ruling that Hamill was unable to continue after Jones threw several illegal elbows late in the first round.

In a letter dated Dec. 11, Ryan Ciotoli and Gary Marino of BombSquad Sports Management, the firm that manages Jones, asked the commission to change the decision to Jones’ favor, citing a state statute that allows for such a move when “the referee has rendered an incorrect decision.”

Hamill, who is legally deaf, had blood in his eyes and did not respond when Mazzagatti asked him if he was okay. Mazzagatti then utilized an instant replay monitor to review the blows and made the disqualification ruling. It was the first time instant replay had been used in the state.

Moments after the stoppage, the former Rochester Institute of Technology wrestler said he had hurt his shoulder during the fight and couldn’t “fight with one arm.”

The complaint does not dispute that Jones violated commission statutes by throwing multiple “12 to 6” downward elbows, but claims the blows did not render Hamill unable to continue.

“The criteria that was used to determine whether or not Mr. Hamill could continue was flawed,” the letter states.

The complaint claims Mazzagatti violated a “well-established precedent” to involve ringside physicians in deciding whether Hamill could continue or not.

The letter included a statement from Hamill issued five days after the fight where he said he dislocated his shoulder when Jones tossed him to the ground and, “knew it was probably over at that point.”

“At minimum, Mr. Hamill should have had (an) opportunity to clearly understand what was being asked of him and given the ability to respond,” the letter states. “If allowed this basic right, we believe, based on Mr. Hamill’s own admission, that his shoulder injury would have precluded him from continuing, not the perceived foul.”

Ciatoli and Marino said the vision-blurring cuts were caused by 23 legal elbows that Jones landed from the mount position, not the illegal blows.

The complaint asks the NSAC to schedule a hearing on the matter in the event that the decision is not changed.

NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer said Wednesday that the Attorney General’s Office was reviewing the complaint and a ruling would take “not long.”