Jon Jones Applauds Fabricio Werdum’s Actions, Colby Covington Fires Back

November 16, 2017

Don’t expect Jon Jones and Colby Covington to hang out at the next Iowa Central Community College reunion.

The former college roommates don’t appear to be on speaking terms after Covington ripped Jones in a recent interview and now the former light heavyweight champion has responded after hearing about the altercation involving the No. 3 ranked welterweight and Fabricio Werdum.

The situation unfolded late Wednesday night with conflicting stories about who was at fault, but one video did surface that showed Werdum hitting Covington with a boomerang while they were being separated by security.

Jones wrote a message of support to Werdum on Twitter after hearing about the incident.

“I despise racism, good job today Fabricio Werdum,” Jones wrote. “Dude had the audacity to call you a “f—–t” as he’s backing up on Facebook live.”

Covington had posted and the later deleted a video on his Instagram account where he showed the aftermath of the altercation with Werdum where he went on an expletive filled rant and did drop a homophobic slur during his tirade.

Covington has claimed that he was assaulted without provocation while Werdum says that he was taunted by the welterweight fighter and then proceeded to knock a phone out of his hand before he was kicked.

Either way, Covington fired back at his former college wrestling teammate with a message of his own on Twitter.

“Wow, a criminal condoning assault with a deadly weapon. Go figure,” Covington wrote.

Covington hasn’t made any formal statement regarding the incident with Werdum but sources said that he plans on pressing charges against the former heavyweight champion and that the police have taken his statement already.

UFC officials also said in a statement on Wednesday night that they were investigating the matter after hearing about the incident in Australia.

“UFC was made aware of the altercation between Fabricio Werdum and Colby Covington at the organization’s host hotel in Sydney, Australia,” UFC officials said.

“The organization will conduct a full investigation to determine if the Athlete Conduct Policy was violated before taking any further action on this matter.”

Werdum is scheduled to fight in the main event at UFC Fight Night in Australia this weekend while Covington is appearing as a guest fighter for the promotion doing several appearances while hanging out down under.

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