Jon Fitch’s UFC Bucket List: Belt, GSP, Anderson

November 26, 2011

Jon Fitch at UFC 87

Jon Fitch at UFC 87

Jon Fitch won 16 consecutive fights before getting his first UFC title shot. He took Georges St-Pierre to limit, losing a decision to the welterweight kingpin after five hard-fought rounds.

He rebounded by winning five consecutive fights, including two Top 10 ranked fighters, but didn’t get a return invitation. Instead he fought BJ Penn to a draw at UFC 127, despite most feeling he was the No. 1 contender to GSP’s throne.

Ranked No. 2 in the world with a 23-3-1 record, only one the loss to St-Pierre coming during his six-year UFC tenure, most wonder why Fitch has yet to be granted a rematch.

“I really have no idea,” Fitch told MMAWeekly Radio’s Weekend crew recently. “No one’s every come to speak to me about doing anything wrong or right or whatever, so I’m completely clueless.

“I have no idea what’s expected of me to get the title shots. No one’s ever come to me and said they don’t like what I’m doing or I need to do more of something else. I’m utterly and completely clueless in that regard.”

Title shot or not, Fitch isn’t going anywhere. He’s still doing what he loves to do and isn’t about to give that up, whether or not he’s being passed over for another shot at gold.

He won’t let it ding his confidence either.

“I’m living for the fights. That’s what I love,” he said. “I don’t think there’s anybody out there who I can’t beat. If I’m in shape and healthy and my timing is on, there’s nobody in the world I can’t beat.”

Slated to face Johny Hendricks at UFC 141 on Dec. 30 in Las Vegas, not exactly the challenge he’d like to have staring him in the face, Fitch will continue on, pursuing his goals, proving that there isn’t anyone he can’t beat.

“My goals are: one, to win the welterweight belt; two, avenge my loss to GSP; and three, I would like to move up some day and challenge Anderson (Silva) if he’s still around and undefeated, just because that’s the kind of person I am.

“I want to challenge the best. I want to go up against the best. I want to prove to everybody that I’m the best.”

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