Jon Fitch Says Moving To 185 Would Be A Two Year Process

October 27, 2010

UFC welterweight contender Jon Fitch has talked recently about the possibility of moving up to 185 pounds if his teammate Josh Koscheck becomes the reigning UFC champion in the 170-pound division.

He clarified those statements when speaking with MMAWeekly Radio recently, when he admitted even if Koscheck wins the title it’s not an automatic move for him to middleweight, just something that could happen down the road.

While Fitch stands firm on his statement that he won’t face his teammate in the cage, he is happy to beat everybody else in the welterweight division if things go that route.

“It would be like a two year process for me to move up a weight class,” Fitch stated. “Because I have unfinished business at 170. The thing is I would move up if Josh would win the title and defend it. So he’d have to hold on to it for a while. You’re talking about almost a year right there, with a win and defense.”

If Koscheck is successful in his bid to defeat Georges St-Pierre in December, Fitch believes there are plenty of other fights out there for him at 170 pounds to keep him busy without having to challenge his close friend for the belt.

“In that time I could fight GSP non-title, I could fight Jake Shields, I could fight Martin Kampmann, I could fight Carlos Condit,” said Fitch. “All those guys could be fought already, and after that there’s not much left to do in front of me. Then that would be the optimum time I would be looking for other challenges if I want to move up a weight class.”

Fitch has been a worker since debuting in the UFC back in 2005, having defeated every fighter he’s face thus far with the exception of his title fight loss to current welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

Regardless of who he’s already beaten, the former University of Purdue wrestler knows there are plenty of other challengers already out there or will be making their way up the ranks soon enough.

It’s only when it’s left to just him and Koscheck that he’ll contemplate the weight class shift.

“If there’s no one else for me to compete with at 170 other than Koscheck, I’m going to move up,” Fitch declared.

He will continue to get his teammate ready for his fight with St-Pierre at UFC 124 in December, while he awaits news on his next chance to step in the Octagon.