Johny Hendricks Has a Message for Georges St-Pierre: “Don’t Duck Me”

December 6, 2012

Johny Hendricks at UFC 141The big winner in the Georges St-Pierre fight sweepstakes is Nick Diaz, but that means somebody has to come out the other side as the loser in the whole ordeal.

By just about everybody’s standards in terms of earning a crack at the belt, Johny Hendricks is the man who should be challenging St-Pierre next, but the long standing grudge with Diaz seems to have trumped the former NCAA champion’s title hopes.

UFC President Dana White announced on Thursday that St-Pierre has asked to face Diaz next, and they will “probably” put that fight together because rarely has the UFC welterweight champion asked for anything, and they feel obligated to let him get the fight he’s choosing this time.

Unfortunately that leaves Hendricks as the odd man out in this situation.

White believes that Hendricks has looked ultra impressive of late, and believes that his time will come, but for now he’s not in the right place to demand a title shot, and if GSP wants Diaz, then GSP gets Diaz.

“Johny Hendricks has had some great fights. When he’s talking about winning in spectacular fashion, this guy hits so hard they skid across the Octagon. He’s in no position to demand anything,” White said about Hendricks.

“Georges St-Pierre is the champ, has been forever, and if that’s the fight he wants then that’s probably the fight we’re going to give him if Diaz accepts it.”

Needless to say, Hendricks was anything but pleased when told the news that Nick Diaz would likely be the next man in line to face St-Pierre.

As friendly as any fighter in the UFC, Hendricks let loose with a little emotion via Twitter on Thursday night with his sights set directly at welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

“All I have to say is Georges St-Pierre, don’t duck me,” said Hendricks. “If he’s scared you won’t get takedowns, I’ll spot you one or two and if you just want to keep it on the feet, I will try my hardest not to hit you with everything I have.

“You’re the champ, you shouldn’t be telling anyone you want to fight. Because I am the person you should be fighting. The only thing you should be thinking is that you get to enjoy that belt until the night (we fight) then it’s mine.”

For his part, St-Pierre has yet to make a statement about the fight with Nick Diaz, or the comments from Johny Hendricks. If nothing changes however, Hendricks will likely sit on the sidelines while Nick Diaz faces St-Pierre in the first half of 2013.