Johny Hendricks Critical of His Performance at UFC 185… So is Dana White

March 15, 2015

Winning just might not be enough for a former UFC welterweight champion.

Johny Hendricks rolled to a unanimous decision over Matt Brown at UFC 185 on Saturday, but the win didn’t come without a self-evaluation period for the one-time titleholder.

Hendricks referred to himself as his own worst critic, following his pay-per-view fight in Dallas. Though he was mostly content with the win, there were parts where he felt he could have done better.

“I’m gonna get better,” Hendricks said. “I’m probably my worst critic. And yeah, I was happy with it, but I believe I can fight better than that. And that’s sort of what I’m gonna shoot for.”

Johny-Hendricks-750-370While it might not have been one of the most exciting fights, Hendricks largely controlled Brown for the duration of the 15-minute affair. He touted his jiu-jitsu as a skill he proved stands out as part of his arsenal.

UFC President Dana White, however, wasn’t thrilled with the bout. In fact, the performance was lacking enough that White dodged commitment on pitting Hendricks against the winner of division champ Robbie Lawler and No. 1 contender Rory MacDonald. The two are scheduled to meet at UFC 189 in July.

White opted to suggest Hendricks take on another opponent before sitting the sidelines in hopes of getting a title shot.

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“It’s usually not a really good decision, but sometimes it can work,” White said, referring to Hendricks waiting for title contention. “If it works out, then it will. If not, I’m sure Johny will take the option to fight.”

White outright revealed later on FOX Sports 1 that he didn’t love the Hendricks-Brown fight, which usually means he has other things in mind when it comes to matchmaking. What those things are, however, he didn’t say.

If things go according to White’s plan, Hendricks will watch at least two welterweight title fights happen before he gets another crack at the belt he once wore around his waist.

If anything, it leaves plenty of time for self-improvement.

“I still feel like there’s a lot of stuff I could improve on, and that’s what I’m constantly gonna do,” Hendricks said. “It’s all about getting to the top and maintaining it … I’m gonna go out there and fight and learn.”

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