John Kavanagh, Scott Viscomi Named Regional Presidents in Latest Wimp-2-Warrior Expansion

The Wimp-2-Warrior program is expanding once again by adding regional presidents with famed coach John Kavanagh taking over in Europe and Scott Viscomi leading the charge in North America.

Originally created by mixed martial arts coach Richie Cranny, Wimp-2-Warrior is a 22 week program that seeks out individuals of all ages and experience to train in MMA and learn the sport even with no prior background in martial arts and then match them up against another student of similar age and skill set in a fully sanctioned amateur bout.

The program has found tremendous success while partnering with a huge number of high profile gyms including TriStar in Montreal, LAW MMA (Chris Weidman and Ray Longo’s gym) in New York, American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose and the El Nino Training Center run by former UFC title contender Gilbert Melendez.

This latest expansion will see Kavanagh and Viscomi take over as regional presidents to aid in the growth of the Wimp-2-Warrior program in North American and Europe. Kavanagh and Viscomi will lead the charge through sales initiatives, marketing campaigns and accelerated growth into new gyms across their respective regions.

Kavanagh is well known for his work as the head coach of the Straight Blast Gym (SBG) in Ireland where he counts former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor as one of his top students.

He’s been working with Wimp-2-Warrior already while opening up SBG to students who are interested in the program and now he’ll be working to gain an even stronger foothold in the U.K. and Ireland while also expanding into new territories across Europe.

“My love for this sport and the knowledge of what it can do for regular men and women, especially through the Wimp 2 Warrior program gets me out of bed in the morning,” Kavanagh said in a press release.

“It’s a very special program that reminds me constantly why I got into martial arts in the first place.”

Viscomi and Kavanagh take on their expanded roles with Wimp-2-Warrior immediately as they begin working in North America and Europe.