John Dodson vs. Pedro Munhoz Rescheduled for UFC 222

February 7, 2018

If at first you don’t succeed…

Following a cancelled fight this past weekend at UFC Fight Night in Brazil, John Dodson and Pedro Munhoz have been rescheduled to meet at UFC 222 in Las Vegas on March 3.

The fight scheduled for this past weekend was scrapped just hours before the event after Munhoz failed to make weight and Dodson didn’t concede to a catch weight affair on short notice. 

Dodson explained his reasoning for not accepting the fight when he spoke to MMAWeekly last week.Pedro Munhoz weigh-in

“He came in five pounds over weight. Originally, they told me he was three pounds [over] and I gave him the benefit of the doubt and said oh he’s 139? They said he’s more like 140 point something. I’m guessing he’s in the ballpark figure around 141. He’s not bantamweight now, he’s a featherweight first. Second, I made all the sacrifices and did my job to make weight and chose not to,” Dodson explained. 

“I did that with [John] Lineker. Lineker came in over weight and I was being a good company man, I’m just going to go ahead and fight him, do what I have to do, and just be excited about being the main event. Lineker came over heavy, I clear out struck the man but I came away with a loss and I got screwed so I wasn’t rolling the dice on that for a second time.”

Add to that, Dodson is currently on the final fight of his UFC contract, which only further adds to the importance of getting a win to set the stage for his potential free agency.

Now Dodson will finally get the chance to face Munhoz — hopefully without any weight cutting hiccups this time — with the fight set to take place at UFC 222.