John Dodson Sidelined ‘6 to 7 Weeks’

Ultimate Fighter season 14 winner John Dodson had a tough bout for his first match-up after winning the show, but came away victorious in his fight against Tim Elliott at UFC on Fox 3.

It didn’t come without a cost, however, as Dodson broke his hand in the opening round, and literally had to fight with one less weapon for the majority of the fight.

The injury occurred early in the first round. As he goes back and watches the fight now, Dodson knows exactly where it happened.

“It happened in the first round. I re-watched it. It happened at like 2 minutes, 24 seconds into the fight, and I hit him with that overhand left and I tried to double up on it with two punches. I couldn’t make a fist anymore,” Dodson told MMAWeekly Radio following the fight.

“I was trying to make a fist in my glove and it wasn’t working out too well. I even told Greg (Jackson) after the first, ‘I think I broke my hand.’ He goes, ‘punch him with it,’ and I was like cool.”

So taking the advice of his coach, Dodson tried to put the pain in the back of his mind and just fight his fight. Unfortunately, his left hand had other ideas when he actually connected on a punch.

“I was trying to throw it, but it was a very sharp reminder, a very sharp painful reminder not to throw it,” Dodson stated.

Luckily for Dodson his overall skills still prevailed and he was able to pull out a decision win over Elliott.

Following the fight, Dodson visited a physician who gave him the final diagnosis, revealing that he had definitely broken his hand in the fight.

The good news is he won’t be sidelined for very long at all.

“I already saw the doctor. They said I’m out for about six or seven weeks and I’ll be good,” Dodson revealed.

As far as what’s next for the UFC’s newest flyweight contender, Dodson isn’t going to call anybody out or say he wants any particular fight. He’s not even going to declare that he should be in the 125-pound title picture.

“I just want to take it however the UFC gives me because I’m not going to sit there and tell people I want a title shot. I’m not going to sit there and say I want it now,” said Dodson.

“I want to fight. That’s the only thing that’s ever mattered to me.”

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