John Dodson says, ‘I’m the best 125er in the world’ heading into BKFC: Knuckle Mania 3

February 16, 2023

Former UFC flyweight John Dodson had a good year in 2022 not only when it came to wins and losses, but also when it came to silencing his critics.

In both bare knuckle and MMA bouts, Dodson went undefeated in 2022, picking up finishes in two of the bouts, and established himself as someone to not be underestimated in the process.

“I went on a three-fight win streak,” Dodson told “I made sure I could go out there and decimate all my opponents. People continue to talk about how wasn’t a potential threat in any kind of way, and I guess I proved people wrong every single step of the way.”

Dodson didn’t so much make changes in his skillset last year, but more changed his mindset, and that allowed him let go and perform the way he always wants to in his fights.

“There’s no change in the game,” said Dodson. “I went back to my murderous intent, and the will to go ahead and sacrifice my body and give all I have and give the fans what they want to see; also at the same time giving myself the self-satisfaction of going out there and destroying any opponent that stands in front of me.”

This Friday in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dodson (2-0 bare knuckle) will face off against Jarod Grant (5-1 bare knuckle) in a main card flyweight bout at BKFC: Knuckle Mania 3.

“Jarod Grant is a tough competitor, so I have to make sure I can solidify this win and prove I am one of the most unstoppable beings not only in the sport of MMA but all combat sports,” Dodson said.

“I’m saying I’m the best 125er in the world, so I’m going to stay here, control the action, and make sure that everybody that stands in front of me will fall by my fists.”

While Dodson is not sure when the things he wants to make happen will happen, he does have a clear idea of what he wants to achieve in 2023 and beyond no matter what sport he’s fighting in.

“I keep an open mind for everything that’s coming my way,” said Dodson. “Just with the fact that I don’t what’s going to happen in these fights, and I can’t sit there and give anybody a real timeline.

“I just want them to know when I’m going to hold all these titles and how many of them I’m going to be holding in time. For me I’m looking for having as many gold as possible around my shoulders, around my waist, and I can’t wait to be the campion of every organization I step into.”

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