John Cena Squats Al Roker Like He’s a Piece of Exercise Equipment

February 5, 2017

Well, it would have been more impressive a few years ago when Al Roker was a fat guy. Now that he’s 190 pounds, not 350, it’s not quite as remarkable, but it is still pretty cool.

The 15-time WWE world champion made one of his regular guest appearances on “The Today Show” and decided to offer some fitness tips, everything from squats and lunges to sit-ups and leg lifts. It was typical Cena, funny, comedic, charismatic, with arms and legs bulging like Peter Lorre’s eyes.

Then he decided to pick up Roker and squat him, like he was a piece of exercise equipment. We all know that lifting humans is a lot more difficult than weights. So once again, Cena proves that he is Superman and that we are all walking around like “The Miz” by comparison.

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