Joey Pierotti Puts Undefeated Record on the Line at Saturday’s SFL America

October 22, 2016

Though much of his time is devoted to being a firefighter, welterweight up-and-comer Joey Pierotti has managed to put together a solid first year as a professional MMA fighter, winning all three of his bouts via finish.

Having built a solid base as an amateur prior to 2016, Pierotti credits the work he put in there to helping with his pro success, and believes the rule differences between the two ranks has helped fulfill more of his potential as well.

“There’s not a whole lot of change, other than finishing a lot more fights now, so that’s been nice to get in and get out and get back to work the next day,” Pierotti told

“Other than that, the rounds are nicer because I kind of build my game around cardio, so in the three-minute rounds as an amateur I just felt like I was rushing all the time. So in a weird kind of way it’s a little more relaxing to go five minutes.”

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While being an amateur helped him transition easier, Pierotti admits that it was not always easy going before turning pro, especially when it came to preparing for fights.

Joey Pierotti“It’s different just because there’s a lot of no-name guys (in the amateurs),” he said. “I like to scout my opponents out and stuff, so it’s kind of hard to find any footage on anybody or a batch of information on a lot of guys.

“That’s a little difficult, but outside of that, I think it definitely helped me. The biggest thing it helped me get my mindset ready for things.”

For his fourth fight of 2016, Pierotti (3-0) takes on fellow undefeated prospect Richard Brooks (4-0) in a main card 170-pound bout at Super Fight League America: Team Challenge – Seattle vs. Central Valley on Saturday in Tacoma, Wash.

“I’ve seen a couple of (Brooks’) fights, and it seems like he’s got kind of a similar style, so I’m excited,” said Pierotti. “I’ve never really fought a wrestler before, so it will be kind of interesting to see how we match up together.

“The plan is to go in there like the other fights and impose my will, and use my cardio and conditioning to my advantage and keep a high tempo and high pace, and put a lot of pressure on the guy until he breaks.”

While he’s already had a very active year so far, Pierotti is eager to close out the year with even more action should he come out of his bout against Brooks unscathed.

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“Me and Jeff (Hougland) are on the same page on this, we think the only way to get bumped up to the next level is to continue fighting,” Pierotti said. “My whole family is on board with what my goals are and everything like that, and how I want to reach those goals, and are behind me 100 percent.

“I’m not huge on taking a lot of time off. I feel like I’m missing out or getting behind the eight ball if I take too much time off. The plan is to fight on Oct. 22 and then turn around and fight again in November.”

(Photo courtesy of Brian Halquist Productions and Ernie Shapiro Photography)

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