by Jeff Cain
August 6th, live on Spike TV, Ivan Salaverry squares off with Nathan Marquardt in a match in which both have a lot on the line. UFC matchmaker, Joe Silva, recently spoke with MMAWeekly about the August 6th, Ultimate Fight Night main event between Salaverry and Marquardt.

The opportunity to fight on live cable television doesn’t come around very often for Mixed Martial Artists in the States. Ivan Salaverry and Nathan Marquardt are not only fighting on live cable television, they’re headlining the event. “It’s a great way to introduce the more seasoned fighters who have not had the publicity yet, so all the people tune in to see the Ultimate Fighters… and they say hey these are guys who can be immediate contenders for a title. Both of these guys are incredibly well rounded. They both have complete games. They’re both really technically good. They’ve got a lot of respect for each other, but they both know it’s a really important fight for them. They both want to really impress going out there. I think it’s going to be a really fun fight. I’m really looking forward to it.” Joe Silva told MMAWeekly.

Silva was questioned about each fighter beginning with Nathan Marquardt. About Nathan, Joe said, “He’s the multiple time King of Pancrase. He always keeps a cool head. He’s got nice knees standing up. He’s a guy that I’ve looked at for a long time, and people for the longest time have gone why isn’t Nathan Marquardt in the UFC? It’s all about timing, and the time finally came where we worked it out, and I’m glad.”

Discussing Ivan Salaverry, Joe commented, “Ivan’s one of those guys, I think that when he’s on, Ivan could beat anybody in the world. I mean Ivan is that talented. I’ve talked, I won’t mention names, but I’ve talked to other top fighters in that division, and you ask them who do you think the most dangerous guy besides yourself is out there, and they all say Ivan Salaverry.”

This weekend Salaverry and Marquardt enter into combat live on Spike TV. The winner of this fight will solidify himself as a legitimate contender for the UFC middleweight title and could end up in a bout for the belt in their next outing. Only time will tell.