by Jeff Cain
It simply can’t be said enough. If you’re not listening to MMAWeekly SoundOff Radio, you’re a step behind those that do when it comes to Mixed Martial Arts news and views. This week alone BJ Penn, David “Tank” Abbott, Josh “The Punk” Thompson, and Kenny Florian were featured guests, but you never know who may call in during the broadcast.

Yesterday was a perfect example. UFC match maker, Joe Silva, phoned the radio show, and in the impromptu interview discussed Gideon Ray stepping up to take on Mike Swick on such short notice when the fight is just around the corner on August 6th.

“I just wanted to comment on Gideon Ray, just so that every body knows…I really appreciate that he stepped up on such short notice. Fought a great fight against David Loiseau, and I too was wondering hey you don’t seem like the biggest 185 pounder. I’ll be happy to bring you back. Would you like to come back at 170, and he said then, no. I want to be 185…He definitely feels like he’s stronger at 185, so it was always going to be his choice to fight at 185. It’s not like well this is the opportunity, and it’s at 185, that’s where you have to go. That’s where he wants to fight.” Joe Silva told MMAWeekly.

Discussing Gideon Ray, and the fight with Swick, Silva said, “He’s a real good striker. He’s quick. You know? He throws nice combinations, and he brings it. You know?…Stylistically it’s going to end up being a very fun fight…I just think it’s going to be fun. I think we’ll see a lot of striking. I think Swick is a bit more well rounded. If he’s not liking the stand up, he’s also shown he’s got good submissions on the ground too. I think it will be entertaining.”

This is the second time Gideon has stepped up for the UFC on short notice. He fills in for Keith Rockel this time, but he made his UFC debut at UFC 51 against David “The Crow” Loiseau on days notice when Joe Riggs was forced out of the bout due to injury. To face Loiseau in your UFC debut is a tough enough task to begin with, and to have accepted the bout on such short notice commands respect on it’s own. Further showing his confidence as a fighter, and warrior mentality, Gideon did it again. This time he’s stepping up on two weeks notice to face Mike Swick. MMA needs more fighters like Gideon Ray