Joe Rogan’s real-time reaction to UFC 249 postponement: ‘He’s like a psychotic driving force’


UFC commentator Joe Rogan found out that UFC 249 had been postponed live on-air during his popular podcast as it was happening. 

As the cancellation unfolded during the podcast, Rogan and guest Brendan Schaub learned that ESPN and its parent company Disney were the ones to call UFC President Dana White and ask him to cancel the event, and he did.

“Well, I think (Disney) probably made a risk assessment, then they made a calculation of what the negative aspects of going against government regulations in terms of state government would be. They’re probably like, we can’t do this,” said Rogan, before commenting on the pressure that White was under.

“Imagine being the president of the UFC. F— all that. Imagine having all these fights that you have to make and having all this pressure on you. And you’re also a famous guy like Dana. Imagine being that guy? F— that job. President of the UFC is second only to President of the United States. The amount of pressure. He’s under tremendous amounts of pressure.

“He’s like a psychotic driving force for the most exciting organization in the world. And I don’t think the organization gets where it is without Dana White. I think you have to have a crazy person to do it.”

The longtime play-by-play voice of the fight promotion also revealed how close he was to calling the action, his concerns about the virus, and his thoughts about “UFC Fight Island.”

While the idea of “Fight Island” might sound like something out of a movie, White insists it is real, and Rogan is all-in.

“If you could control the whole island and test everybody, why not?” said Rogan.

“How much money are they gonna be making with the reality show about moving the UFC to the island? Because I’m watching that s–t. F— Tiger King! I’m watching Dana White with his crazy screaming and running around, trying to figure out ‘we’re gonna put on these f—ing fights!’ Figure out how to get a fight to an island and then come up with the idea of an island in international waters and who owns the island? Is that ‘The King of the Island?’ Then him on the phone with ‘yes, Mr. Trump; I understand, Mr. Trump.’ Disney calling him up, yelling at him.”

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