Joe Rogan on Cris Cyborg: ‘Whoever edited that video is so f—ing stupid’

(Courtesy of JRE Clips)

Joe Rogan has had his own issues with Cris Cyborg over the years, but insists that he apologized long ago to her for some crass comments he made, insisting that it was done so as a joke, albeit one in poor taste.

But Cyborg’s friction with UFC president Dana White came to a head recently when she and her team released a video that Cyborg later admitted was doctored to make White seem to say something he did not. She apologized for that, but it appears that the UFC and Cyborg are destined to go their separate ways now that she has also fought out her contract.

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Though Cyborg had initially stated that she’d still be open to returning to the Octagon, that doesn’t appear likely, and on a recent podcast, Rogan discussed the situation, laying out just how stupid he felt it was of Cyborg’s team or whoever edited that video misrepresenting White.