Joe Rogan on CM Punk Taking Up UFC 225 Main Card Slot: ‘That’s So Disgusting’

(Courtesy of UFC)

Joe Rogan doesn’t have a problem with CM Punk “testing himself” as a mixed martial artist, in fact, he thinks it’s great. But at the end of the day, to have CM Punk fight Mike Jackson, both of whom are 0-1, on the UFC 225 main card, Rogan says, “That’s so disgusting.”

UFC president Dana White on Sunday in Liverpool explained why a bout between Alistair Overeem and Curtis Blaydes was pushed to the UFC 225 prelims, while Punk vs. Jackson remained on the main card. 

“Listen, when Alistair Overeem sells as many pay-per-views as CM Punk does, we can argue.”

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Rogan, however, questions how big of a pay-per-view draw Punk is when it comes to fighting in the Octagon.

“Maybe he was (a pay-per-view draw). Is he still, do you think? How many people are going to by that pay-per-view to watch him fight?”

Do you have any interest in tuning in to see CM Punk fight?