Joe Rogan Interviews Injured Sean O’Malley on His Back in Octagon at UFC 222

(Courtesy of UFC)

Sugar Sean O’Malley may have done the near impossible, rocketing his popularity into the stratosphere with a unanimous decision victory over Andre Soukhamthath at UFC 222 on Saturday in Las Vegas.

Okay, so it probably wasn’t the result of the fight that will do a lot of O’Malley’s popularity, but the way in which he conducted the fight and his post-fight interview. 

Joe Rogan interviews Sean O'Malley on his back at UFC 222Already one of the fastest rising UFC stars in terms of popularity, O’Malley’s in-Octagon performance was eerily reminiscent of Anderson Silva in his prime, as he fluidly shifted stances, launching a wide arsenal of kicks, none of which seemed to be the same, and dominated off his back on the canvas. 

What could really set him apart, however, is what happened after quite visibly injured his foot just before the midway point of the third round. Unable to stand on his right foot, O’Malley soon went crashing to the canvas, Soukhamthath trying desperately to find a way to finish him and win the fight.

O’Malley not only continued to attack, he even return to standing, albeit on one foot, hopping around in the cage until Soukhamthath put him back on the canvas, where they finished out the fight. 

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As soon as time ran out, O’Malley was writhing in pain on the floor, but regained his composure before UFC commentator Joe Rogan entered the Octagon to interview him. He couldn’t, however, get back to his feet. O’Malley remained on his back on the canvas as Rogan conducted the interview.

“Welcome to the Sugar Show!”