Joe Rogan Inks One-Year Deal with the UFC, Cuts Out International Events

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has signed a one-year contract to remain with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

When rumors of the UFC sale emerged, Rogan stated that if the fight promotion were sold that he’d vacate his broadcasting position with the company. After conversations with company president Dana White (who will remain with the company after the sale), Rogan changed his mind.

“I signed for at least one more year. I was on the fence man, I just do too much (expletive). I’m too (expletive) busy. I don’t know if I’m doing myself or all the other things I do a disservice,” Rogan said during his podcast.

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Joe RoganRogan, a successful comedian, also runs as website, hosts a podcast, among other endeavors. The 48-year-old lightened his workload with the new deal by eliminating international events from his plate.

“I had a conversation with Dana, we had a bunch of conversations. What I decided to do was no more international travel. No more flying across the planet,” he said.

“I’m cutting down a lot of events, but I’m doing at-least one more year. It’s a year by year thing.”

Rogan began working for the UFC in 1997 as an interviewer and moved to play-by-play commentary in 2002. The lifelong martial artist has been an advocate for the sport throughout the years and has an unparalleled passion for combat sports.

“I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t appreciate it or that I don’t know how lucky I am or that I don’t think it’s an amazing jobs. I definitely do. I’m almost too lucky, I have too many amazing jobs.”

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