Joe Rogan: Floyd Mayweather vs. CM Punk ‘That’s the Fight to Make’

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan is definitely on board for retired boxer Floyd Mayweather transitioning to mixed martial arts so long as he’s fighting an opponent with a skill level relative to his own.

That’s why Rogan believes if Mayweather ever actually crosses over to MMA, he should take on former WWE superstar CM Punk.

Punk is currently 0-1 in his career after being submitted in his UFC debut by Mickey Gall and since that time he’s just stayed focused on training before booking his next fight. While there have been rumors that Punk might return as early as UFC 225 in Chicago, Rogan says realistically a fight against Mayweather actually makes sense.

“I think that’s the fight to make,” Rogan said about Mayweather vs. Punk on his podcast. “I don’t know if it will ever happen but I think if it ever does happen, it happens on its own individual card. You put a kick ass card underneath it but I don’t know if you put like a UFC 200 size kick ass card underneath it.”

For all the talk about Mayweather making an attempt to crossover into MMA, Rogan downplays any possibility that he faces off with old foe Conor McGregor on his first day inside the Octagon.

Mayweather defeated McGregor in a boxing match that ended up as a one-sided affair only after the reigning UFC lightweight champion landed more punches than even Manny Pacquiao managed in the same fight.

Rogan says Mayweather’s chances against McGregor in the UFC would be astronomically low considering how little he knows about kickboxing much less the ground game.

“It’s the only fight to make for Floyd cause Conor will literally kill him,” Rogan said.
It wouldn’t be fair. It’s not fair. People would understand the difference between Conor boxing Floyd where he got clearly outclassed but he hit him.

“Floyd’s not going to do anything [to Conor]. It’s going to be awful.”

Rogan can’t say the same when it comes to a potential matchup between Mayweather and Punk, who would both be novices when it comes to MMA if they ever fought each other.

It might sound like a ludicrous idea but so did the idea of Punk making his MMA debut in the UFC nearly two years ago. Rogan even had an idea about the weight class for the fight if it ever happens.

“It would have to be catchweight,” Rogan said about the fight. “That’s the other thing, you drain CM Punk down to 160 [pounds] and he’s f–ksville. At 170, he doesn’t have a lot of muscle but he’s got a little bit of fat. He might be able to do 65 if he’s smart and long, he takes a long time to do it.”

No matter what weight class, Rogan definitely seems on board to make it happen if Mayweather is actually serious about ever pursuing a fight in the UFC.