Joe Rogan Declares Conor McGregor the Greatest Featherweight of All Time

Though his resume isn’t as lengthy as Jose Aldo‘s and he’s never defended the belt, former UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor is still broadcaster Joe Rogan’s choice for greatest featherweight fighter of all time.

“I’ve got to say, Conor is the greatest 145-pounder of all time because he knocked out Aldo, who was clearly the greatest. But, in terms of who’s got more victories ,of course it’s Aldo. The problem is, we’re not doing MMA math here, you’re having two guys actually fight each other,” Rogan explained during a recent episode of his podcast.

“So if you said who is the greatest of all time? Well, it would have to be Aldo because he beat all these guys… no, no no, because the two of them fought and Conor murked him. So you’ve got to give it to him. Otherwise, there’s no other metric. There’s no other metric other than a knockout.”

The matter is certainly open to varying arguments, as Aldo’s body of work is tremendous, especially considering all the times he defended the belt, compared to McGregor never having put the belt on the line before the UFC forced him to relinquish, as he is the current UFC lightweight champion.

Rogan’s claim was bolstered by Max Holloway defeating Jose Aldo at UFC 212 over the weekend. The broadcaster, however, boils it down to the simple idea that to be the man, you have to beat the man, and McGregor beat the man, definitively.

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“People will fight against it. ‘No, because Aldo was the champion for so many years.’ You’re 100-percent right. His body of work is much more impressive and there’s always going to be an asterisk next to Conor because that was just this one time he fought for the title at 145 (pounds), knocked out Aldo and was like, ya’ll be cool, I’m out of here,” said Rogan.

“(McGregor) is the best ever. You have to say he’s the best ever, even if he never fights featherweight again. Why? Because he knocked out the best ever.”

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