Joe Rogan breaks down controversial Ben Askren win over Robbie Lawler; wants to see a rematch

(Courtesy of JRE Clips)

Did you watch the UFC 235 bout between Robbie Lawler and Ben Askren? Could there be any more controversy? 

Lawler tossed Askren on his head and unleashed the hell hath no fury of his brutal brand of ground and pound, putting Askren to within picograms of a TKO stoppage.

Somehow, Asrken survived and managed to return to some semblance of coherence, eventually putting Lawler into a bulldog choke. A short time later, Lawler’s arm went limp and referee Herb Dean stepped in and waved off the fight.

Askren walked out of the Octagon the victor in his UFC debut.

The instant Dean stopped the bout, however, Lawler was wide awake and arguing the stoppage. 

Should Dean have stopped it earlier when Askren was getting the daylights beat out of him? Was Dean correct in stopping it when Lawler’s arm briefly went limp? Should Askren simply relent and agree to the rematch for which UFC president Dana White was immediately clamoring?

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On his podcast breaking down the fight, UFC commentator Joe Rogan broke down the bout with Brendan Schaub, talking through the various controversial points of the fight and declared, like White, that he wanted to see a rematch.