Joe Rogan: Antiquated weight cutting is not good for athletes or MMA

(Courtesy of JRE Clips)

The extreme weight cutting of mixed martial arts fighters in North America has long been a topic of debate, but there’s really no denying that it is an unhealthy practice. Fighters are consistently going to extreme measures to cut significant percentages of their bodyweight to try to gain a perceived advantage in their fights.

Joe Rogan thinks it is an antiquated practice that should be done away with, and he points to the weight-cutting policy of ONE Championship is a prime example of what could be a significant improvement.

Rogan had UFC middleweight Khalil Rountree Jr. on his podcast recently and weight cutting was something they discussed at length. Rountree admitted that, while he takes part in some fairly significant weight cutting practices, he can’t give a reasonable explanation as to why fighters go to such extremes, other than to say it’s just the way it’s done.

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He readily admitted that if the UFC and other North American based promotions would adopt ONE Championship’s approach of forcing fighters to compete closer to their natural weights, the athletes would be able to be more focused on skills training and fight more frequently.