Joe Rogan after old guy punch: ‘Conor McGregor is living like you’re supposed to live if you’re Conor McGregor’

(Courtesy of UFC)

Joe Rogan, on a recent podcast, chimed in on Conor McGregor punching a pub patron in Ireland, allegedly for not accepting a glass of his Proper No. Twelve Irish whiskey.

While Rogan said, “Don’t do that,” he also admitted that McGregor is pretty much doing what he’s supposed to be doing to play the promotional game and get eyeballs to tune in for everything he does.

“He’s Conor McGregor. He’s living like you’re supposed to live if you’re Conor McGregor. The dance is: don’t go to jail, dude. Don’t get locked up.”

The incident, according to a TMZ report, occurred on April 6 at The Marble Arch Pub in Dublin. McGregor apparently stepped into the pub to buy a round of his Proper No. Twelve Irish whiskey for the patrons, lining up glasses for each and pouring it himself.

One man apparently refused the whiskey, which allegedly led to McGregor throwing a punch at the man. Two other men immediately grabbed McGregor and removed him from the pub, but the incident was caught on camera.

There was no sound on the recording, so it was unclear what was said between McGregor and the pub patron that refused his hospitality.

The incident occurred in April, but the police in Ireland told TMZ that “no arrests have been made to date.” So it is currently unclear what will come of the incident. 

UFC president Dana White recently discussed the incident on The Jim Rome Show, saying, “That happened in April, and I knew that happened. They just got the video, and, yeah, it’s pretty bad.”

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While it didn’t sound as if White expected McGregor to serve any jail time over the incident, White wondered when his superstar was going to stop adding to his list of out-of-the-cage incidents like this that cost him millions of dollars in fines and settlements.

“What’s it gonna cost Conor McGregor before he decides, ‘Alright, this isn’t worth it. Enough is enough, I need to stop doing this.’ The incident in New York cost him millions. Millions, he had to pay out. He had to pay the guy with the phone,” said White, referring to McGregor attacking a bus full of UFC fighters at UFC 223 in 2018 and an incident where he smashed a person’s phone earlier this year in Miami.

“What’s he gonna pay this guy that he hit in the bar? The list just goes on and on. I just don’t know when he wakes up and says, ‘I’ve got to stop doing this.’”