Joe Rogan Admits, ‘I Don’t Think Marijuana is 100-Percent Safe’

Joe Rogan is synonymous with comedy and calling UFC fights, and quite often as one of the biggest advocates for marijuana.

In fact, the veteran comedian famously blazed up with Tesla creator Elon Musk when he appeared on Rogan’s popular podcast a few months ago.

As much as Rogan embraces his own personal use of marijuana, he recently welcomed a pair of guests to his show that included a doctor who runs a medical cannabis facility in Canada and an author, who recently penned a book where he makes claims connecting marijuana use to mental illness and violence.

At the start of the show, Rogan may have shocked at least part of his audience while admitting that he doesn’t actually believe marijuana use is safe for everybody.

“I don’t think marijuana is 100-percent safe,” Rogan stated. “Honestly, for everybody, I really don’t. I know too many people that have had experiences where they took too much, particularly edibles, and a I don’t want to say I know anybody who had psychotic breaks, but I know some people that freaked out for weeks.

“This is something that I’ve made a big turn over the last few years with myself. I don’t think marijuana is as safe as I used to think it is. I used to think it was benign. I really used to think it was no big deal.”

Rogan points specifically to the mind-altering effect that marijuana can have on a younger person, especially in edible form where the concentration of the drug can be much, much higher than usual.

“When it comes to especially edible THC,” Rogan stated. “There’s a significant impact on people’s state of mind and it’s not always good; that’s just a fact.”

While Rogan still believes that marijuana should be legalized, as many politicians have also stated in the lead-up to the 2020 Presidential Election, he says that the drug isn’t for everybody and he’s guilty of making those kinds of all-encompassing statements in the past.

“I think that human beings, we vary so much biologically, that to just make this overall blanket statement, ‘what’s good for you is good for me’ is irresponsible and I’ve been irresponsible saying that before,” Rogan said.

“In the past, I myself have been guilty of using this sort of blanket description of it as being a positive influence and that it’s a good thing for people. I don’t think it’s a good thing for everybody.”

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