Joe Rogan Admits He’s ‘Super Suspicious’ of Fedor’s PRIDE Record

No one will ever deny that at the height of PRIDE Fighting Championships, drug testing wasn’t very high on the priority list.

That’s part of the reason why UFC color commentator Joe Rogan can’t help but question the legitimacy of Fedor Emelianenko‘s record after he went on an unprecedented winning streak as part of the promotion and then started fighting in the United States, where he currently holds a 4-4 record for his career.

Emelianenko recently fought at Bellator 198, where he knocked out former UFC champion Frank Mir in the opening minute of their main event fight.

Fedor Emelianenko knocks out Frank Mir at Bellator 198“They need to let him fight in Japan again. Get him on the right mixture,” Rogan said with a laugh when discussing Emelianenko on his podcast. “I’m super suspicious about all those old fights now, though. I’m super suspicious. I mean steroids. I mean performance enhancing drugs. I mean we’re looking at a different human. That’s what I’m thinking.”

While Bellator has been criticized in the past for not enacting stricter drug testing protocols, state athletic commissions will still test fighters for performance enhancing drugs depending upon where the events are being held.

The testing is obviously not at stringent as what the UFC has with USADA lording over its UFC Anti-Doping Policy, but Rogan knows it’s better than what was tantamount to encouragement to cheat in Japan.

“[Bellator] does some checking; they do have state athletic commissions. Japan was encouraging,” Rogan said. “Who knows who was doing what and who wasn’t doing what, but when you talk to the guys who were over there, like Enson Inoue, and he’ll tell you they had it in capital letters in the contract — WE WILL NOT TEST YOU FOR STEROIDS.”

That being said, Rogan concedes that if Emelianenko was using some sort of performance enhancing drug at the time he was competing in PRIDE that other athletes were probably doing the same thing and he was winning.

“Whatever everybody was on back then, Fedor was still beating everybody’s ass,” Rogan said. “They were all on the same s–t; Fedor was still beating everybody’s ass.”

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Still, when it comes to the discussion of the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time, Rogan can’t help but raise those questions about Emelianenko when comparing him to current UFC king Stipe Miocic, who just recently broke the record for most title defenses in the promotion’s history in the division.

“He’s defended the most, the UFC title, which is the hardest title to defend in terms of historically. No one’s defended it more than him,” Rogan said about Miocic. “He defended it three times, nobody else beat two.”

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