by Joe Lauzon for MMAWeekly.com

As part of MMAWeekly

As part of MMAWeekly.com’s lead-up coverage to the April
2 UFC Fighting in Broomfield, Colo., Joe Lauzon, who will be facing Kenny
Florian in the main event, will be providing weekly journal entries leading up
to the fight. This is the second entry as we Joe arrived early in Colorado to
acclimate before the big showdown…


Well, last week I talked about how I was flying home to be
there for my guys at Untamed. It ended up being a great move and I think it was
a nice surprise. With the exception of Gorilla Bob, I don’t think anyone had
any idea I was coming home. We even had to guilt-trip my brother into showing
up the day before the fight so I could see him as soon as I got home. He had no


We ended up going 4-4 for the night. When you have eight guys
fighting, half the guys winning isn’t so bad. I think next time out we will do
better, but all of our guys had great fights and, win or lose, should be proud
of how they did. As I told my guys, you can’t win them all.


In order to put it all into perspective, I found my very
first amateur MMA fight from about six years ago and put it on my
. I
won’t give away the end, so you can watch it, but it shows that no matter how
bad you start out there is always an opportunity to do well down the line.


Dan and I flew to Denver on Sunday night and the flight was
luckily pretty uneventful. There was a little bit of turbulence and the flight
got in a little late because of snow, but overall it wasn’t too bad. I think
Dan watched Juno twice on the flight and was ready to kill himself by the time
we landed. JetBlue is usually the way to fly, but the TV stations weren’t
working… pretty weak.


Noah picked us up at the airport and we drove to his house
in Fort Collins. Along the way all he was talking about was how everything was
open until 3 a.m., including all the sub shops and everything else. Apparently
Noah didn’t realize it was Sunday, and we deemed him to be a complete liar.
Sadly, no subs for us at 1 a.m.. Noah’s house is pretty nice and he has three
dogs… Gia, Lilly and Princess. And yes, don’t worry, I gave him a hard time
about the names of his dogs.


We went to bed and went training the next morning at
Infinite Mixed Martial Arts in Loveland. This is the gym Noah trains at and we
met a bunch of the guys that train there and Noah’s trainer, Adam. They have
been great to work with and more then accommodating.


We have been getting some great training in while out here
and its definitely nice having Dan here to work with. The elevation is
definitely different, which is what we expected. It’s not a big difference and
shouldn’t be a problem, but I’m glad we got out here early.


Since I came here on Sunday night, I have done around 20
interviews and radio shows. Media for this fight has been ridiculous!


I will
check back in next week, thanks for reading.


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Lauzon will face Kenny Florian in the main event of UFC Fight Night on April 2
in Broomfield, Colo. His sponsors include Sprawl,
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