Joe Lauzon: Undeserved Win Feels Worse Than Getting Robbed on a Decision

Joe Lauzon is a unique animal. He’s not quiet about voicing his opinion… even when it doesn’t favor him.

That’s where Lauzon found himself after the judges awarded him a decision victory over Marcin Held at UFC Fight Night 103 in Phoenix on Jan. 15, 2016.

Joe Lauzon UFC Phoenix PostYes, Lauzon always wants to get the W, but on that Sunday night that he got it, Lauzon felt like it was undeserved and it bothered him.

“I thought he won the fight,” said Lauzon. “I thought it sucked before when I thought I won the fight and I lost… this is worse. This sucks. It’s great I got the win money, but I 100-percent thought he won the fight.

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“I feel guilty. I feel bad about it because I was in his shoes last time.”

Lauzon even went so far as to say that he would lobby the UFC to keep Held on the roster.

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