Joe Lauzon Eloquently Analyzes How Rousimar Palhares Is ‘Kind of a [Jerk]’

August 4, 2015


Rousimar Palhares submitted Jake Shields last weekend at WSOF 22 and defended his welterweight title, but it wasn’t celebrated like most title defenses.

You see, Palhares is notorious for holding onto submissions for far too long and it leaves a bad taste in the MMA community’s collective mouth. Last weekend was no different. Rousimar held onto a kimura for long after Jake tapped out, and even held onto it as referee Steve Mazzagatti pounded on him to let go. They stripped him of his WSOF title, by the way.

WATCH: Rouseimar Palhares holds kimura too long and we all cringe

This is what we as journalists, writers, bloggers, spectators, fans or just people in general call a d*ck move. It’s good to know UFC fighters like Joe Lauzon feel the same way.

Joe, a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu badassness, did an informative video that compares his own submission finishes to those of Rousimar’s. The results plainly show Palhares’ submissions routinely last much longer than that of Joe’s. The commentary, however, is the best nugget of the video. As Joe put it, the length of time Rousimar is holding these submissions means he’s “kind of a d*ck.”

To the footage!

A second may not seem very long… but its an eternity in cases like these.

Posted by Joe Lauzon on Monday, August 3, 2015

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