Joanna Jedrzejczyk Promises to Become Champion Again: ‘I’m Still Running This Division’

November 26, 2017

Joanna Jedrzejcyzk may not be holding the UFC women’s strawweight title right now but she’s still as confident as ever that she will be on top of that division again.

It was just over three weeks ago that Jedrzejczyk suffered the first loss of her career when she fell to current champion Rose Namajunas at UFC 217.

While Jedrzejczyk has always been complimentary of Namajunas’ performance, she’s making it clear that it won’t be long until she’s holding that strawweight title again.

“Don’t worry guys, my first fight [back] is going to be for a belt and I promise to you that I’m going to be a champion,” Jedrzejczyk said during a fan Q&A in China over the weekend. “She’s just taking care of my belt, cleaning the belt and I’m the real champion.

“I built this division and I will run this division. I’m still running this division.”

Jedrzejczyk was a five time defending champion going into the fight with Namajunas and she’s said that the UFC has already promised her a title shot when she’s ready to make her return to the Octagon.

As of now, Namajunas hasn’t said whether she will sit on the sidelines and wait for Jedrzejczyk to return or if she will take on one of the long list of contenders all trying to get the first crack at her belt.

Jedrzejczyk says that she would be ready to jump into a training camp immediately but she wants to spend some quality time at home with her family in Poland before officially booking her return to action.

“I’m more than ready to start my camp but now I’ve been working so hard before my last fight, 13 weeks in Florida so after China…I fly to Poland on Sunday,” Jedrzejczyk revealed.

“I need to stay with my family for a month, two months and then after that I will start my camp.”

No matter who is holding onto the belt, it’s clear that Jedrzejczyk is gunning for that gold when she comes back in 2018.

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